About Us

Welcome to PilotFM, the one and only online aviation broadcast channel in the industry! Did you ever put the question to yourself, where to get the most accurate information about aviation business, including production line news, FTO-s latest updates (Flight Training Organizations), medical questions, and what is most important: stories from people all around the world from this mighty, unique and charming community? If the answer is YES, than you are at the right place!

Our goal is to bring you close to the world and sound of aviation, by special produced content, stories, questions and answers that might be important for anyone, who wishes to get into the business.
We are a small, but dynamically growing team, with a great piece of aviation enthusiasm, with the aim to produce authentic shows and content for our world wide audience. Do you wish to join? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to serve you with a private boarding pass for your future radio show host career!

Special thanks to:
- 42NETMedia Ltd.
for the playout software
- Marton Szenasi for the unbelievable amount of work and music scheduling
All our 10k followers on Instagram who help us with their likes day by day





Cover photos via Instagram by @pilotfmofficial