2FLY Airline Pilot Seminar OXFORD

2FLY is visiting Oxford to promote the career of an airline pilot and introduce its renowned EASA ATPL Pro-Pilot Programme: a 12 month airline pilot training course, delivered in Florida, USA and Spain, and designed to take you from zero hours to frozen EASA ATPL.

They invite you, your parents and/or sponsors, to attend by completing the booking. Attendance is FREE, but you need to register!

The Seminar will consist of a presentation. Topics covered will include:

  • An economic outlook and why NOW is a good time to get into pilot training
  • First steps towards becoming a pilot
  • The 2FLY Pro-Pilot Programme and why it is amongst the best structured programmes on the market
  • The 2FLY Pilot Assessment Process

The event is FREE, but please don't forget to register.